Guest Post: DIY Flower Arrangement

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DIY Fun, Fast Floral Arrangement

Sometimes we just need a little something pretty in our lives. In need of a pick-me-up with little time on my hands, I decided to create a quick silk floral arrangement. Check out the step-by-step guide to a DIY Fun, Fast Floral Arrangement!

Before beginning any project, look around to see what you can use that you already have (saves money and reduces clutter). I spotted a cute, unused galvanized steel pot and thought it would be the perfect holder for the flowers. I knew I had floral foam, scissors, and wire cutters.

I headed out to find the flowers. Happily they were 50% off, so I grabbed some large, full hydrangeas and some decorative floral picks.

Working outside is always so refreshing, so I set out all of my supplies on the back patio on a lovely sunny day. Find a place to work that is inspiring in some way.

What you Need:
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What you Need:

  • Container for Arrangement
  • Floral Foam/Styrofoam
  • Wire Cutters
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Silk Flowers
  • Decorative Flower Picks

Quickly trim the floral foam to fit the container using a knife and place it in the pot, basket, or whatever container you choose to make sure it fits. Don’t worry about any imperfections. This won’t be seen in the container. The flowers will cover it.

Cut Foam:
 photo 20170208_103856_zpsxwfg4msf.jpg

Make sure it fits:
 photo 20170208_103838_zpsc9fnascq.jpg

If the flowers are need to be deconstructed or trimmed, untie and separate them. Use wire cutters to trim the stems to the height needed to stick in the floral foam and clear the top of your decorative container.

 photo 20170208_103553_zpsyysweklm.jpg

Cut Flowers:
 photo 20170208_103629_zpshtspe8lq.jpg

Play around with arranging the flowers to get the look and height you want. If the arrangement can be seen from all sides when it’s on display (on a table or counter), make the tallest height of flowers in the center. If it’s going against a wall, place the tallest flowers in the back. Insert the largest flowers in the floral foam. Rearrange until you get the look you want. Add the accent floral picks to fill out the design and add texture and color to your creation.

Arrange Flowers:
 photo 20170208_105201_zpshegevzg6.jpg

Add and Arrange:
 photo 20170208_105829_zpsg2km2bbs.jpg

The last step is to place the arrangement into the container. Step back and admire your creativity!

Put in vase:
 photo 20170208_110343_zps8irbnzuy.jpg

Spending a few minutes of time outside on a beautiful day and a little bit of money can really brighten your mood and your decor!

 photo 20170208_110540_zpsxvdon3zs.jpg

Share your arrangements with us, and keep living life beautifully!

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