How to Start Using Coupons

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How to start couponing….

The first key to saving money is to get multiple inserts of the Sunday Paper!
The coupons are usually with the magazine section that is wrapped in the funny paper.
There are three kinds of inserts: the Redplum, the SmartSource and the once a month and Procter and Gamble (P&G) Brand Saver.
Utilize Loadable and Printable Coupons:

Tip: There are not coupons on Holiday weekends.

Once you have your coupon inserts, now it is time to get to know the stores in your area.
Read the sales ad carefully, ask questions such as:

Does your store double or triple coupons? double means two times the amount of the coupon and triple means three times the amount of the coupon
At most stores, your coupon will be accepted at face value. BUT some stores double or even triple coupons. So a .50 cent coupon that is doubled will be worth $1.00. and a .35 cent coupon that is tripled will now be worth $1.05.
This saving can quickly add up and you may even be getting the product for free.

What are the maximum value to double or triple coupons?
In other words what is the highest amount of a coupon that will triple? Usually up to and including 35 cents.
And what is the highest amount of a coupon that will double? Usually it is up to an including 50 cents.

How many like coupons will double/ triple? If I am buying three toothpastes and I have three coupons for 35 cents each. Will they triple only the first coupon only or all three. This depends on the store policy.

Can you combine store coupons with manufacturer coupons?
Store coupons are only to be used at a specific retailer They can be found in the sales add or in home mailers. They are usually identified with the store logo. Look carefully because all in ad coupons are not store coupons. They may be manufacturer coupons. What you need to investigate is if you can combine the store coupon and a manufacturer coupon for the same item. Some stores will let you do this.

Do they accept competitor coupons? Will they take other stores coupons? For example can you bring in a coupon for a gift card with new prescription from another pharmacy and have the coupon honored.

You will find that these policies vary by store.

Take advantage of store loyalty cards.
They will help you save more money. But make sure you always give your card to the cashier first, or at least before any coupons. Sometimes it is the only way that you will be able to get sale prices or the double / triple coupons.

The key to saving money, is to combine the lowest sale price of an item that you can find with a coupon. Combining the two will provide the best savings.

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