Plan your Strategy for Black Friday Shopping

Plan your Strategy for Black Friday Shopping

*Do your research –

know when stores open – many stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day!

know what deals you want the most –

read the details of the deal – read the fine print – if the store will have 3 items in stock for the published price, are you willing to do whatever it takes to get the item?

*Plan your shopping route-

Plan what stores you will shop – according to opening times and to Minimize Travel

Plan were you will go once inside the store – what items do you want most

*Find a Shopping Buddythings are always better when you have a friend to help out. Plus, you can use the “divide an conquer” method!

*Be comfortablewear comfortable clothes and shoes

*Stay hydrated while shopping/eat before you shop

*Be NICEthere is absolutely NO REASON to get in a fight over a good deal

If you miss out on this deal, there will always be another deal to come.

*Be aware that you may not get everything that you plan. There will be crowds and long lines with limited supply of products.

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