How to save on everything! Or at least a Good Start to the New Year!

Coupon Contessa
There is always a way to pay less for the items you want.
If you are not aware of a sale going on in a particular store ask the manager or a sales associate. It never hurts to ask. You may be pleasantly surprised.


Gift Cards:
1. Use the coupons for RX transfers to get free gift cards for the grocery store.
2. Purchase gift cards at a fraction of the cost. Selected restaurants only and restrictions apply, but you can find up to 90% off at different times during the year.
3. Use the points from your credit card to purchase gift cards for giving all throughout the year. Not all credit cards do this, but there are a few.


Clothing for the Family
1. Clearance: Be willing to wear last season items – especially for the kids. Shop the outlets in store and online. Your favorite brand is sure to have great deals at the end of the season.
2. Shop the retail shops in your area. Name brands at great prices!
3. Take advantage of the extra % off coupons. Most time these can be used with clearance or on top of the sale prices.


Gifts and Great Buys: (previous years goods)
1. Leather Purses from $80 to $100 each – clearanced up to 90% off
Paid $9 and $19
2. Fill a bag SALE! Years ago at the Sanrio store
Paid $20 and total retail value was $2998.31
3. After major holidays is a great time to buy cologne/perfume gift sets for giving during the year. They can be found from 50% up to 90% off.
4. Home goods – clearance finds: Picture frames 90% off, Note board 90% off


When buying online:
1. Always research coupon/discount codes before you purchase
2. Go through sites such as Ebates that give you a % of your purchase back.
3. Compare prices on different sites. Just because it says SALE, make sure you know the original price. This way you will be aware when you really get a great deal.


Grocery Shopping tips:
1. Sign up for store loyalty cards
Like Kroger’s or Randall’s
2. Load coupons on your Loyalty card, either directly from the site or use your cell phone and download the app for each store.  Most can select a coupon from right inside the store to be scanned at check out.  Check out mobile app too.

3. Home mailers usually have high value coupons. These are sent right to your home.

4. HEB has manufacturer coupons hanging all around the store.
No cutting/clipping/organizing or forgetting to bring them to the store!

5. Printable coupons: there are so many out there My two favs are:
I would really like to hear from you!  Let me know your ideas on how you save!

This post contains an affiliate link. That means when you print a coupon I get a small fee.

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  • Anonymous

    I have a question. Do you have any tips for buying an ipod touch for a affordable price? Thank you so much!!!

  • Coupon Contessa

    I would suggest searching the web.
    for the lowest price possible.
    Then compare to the store prices.
    I have not bought one, so I can not give specifics. Sorry!

  • Taylor

    Hi,I enjoyed the read. Regards for this post. Thank you!. 😉

  • Thanks, great article.