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What’s for Dinner This Week?

  • Monday – Chicken and Peanut Thai Stir Fry
  • Tuesday – Pork Country Ribs
  • Wednesday – Ground Beef and Rice Stuffed Peppers
  • Thursday – Chicken Caesar Salad (5 minute dinner)
  • Friday – Brats in a Bun with Sauteed Peppers and Onions with Asian Slaw

Weekly menu planning will help take the stress out of dinner time.  You know what you are having and this eliminates the need for the drive thru.  Planning ahead also will save you a lot of money as you will only be buying for the meals on your menu.  (unless it is to stock your freezer ) Looking at all the great deals this week in the grocery ads, this is the menu we came up.  We decided to shop at Aldi this week.

“When planning meals, also think about ways to same time doing meal prep. For instance, the menu for the week includes chicken for the stir fry and the Caesar salad. Cook the chicken at the same time and refrigerate half of it for the salad. Only 1/2 lb of ground beef is needed for the stuffed peppers. Cook the whole pound and use the other half to make something like nachos over the weekend. Also, choose ingredients that can be used in different recipes. The bell peppers are used for the stuffed peppers and chopped, sauteed peppers will be sauteed to have with the brats. Plan on one really quick dinner because we can always count on at least one day’s schedule not going as planned.” (written by Melissa Thomas from

Make sure to stock up on the great deals at Kroger Today and Tomorrow (Fri & Sat)

Load the digital coupons right to your card from the website or the Kroger app.

Each coupon can be used 5 times, so STOCK UP!!

Join us each week as we help you make dinner time stress free!

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