Coupon Terms

Transaction vs. Purchase

 This is a problem that many people have when reading a coupon and is a common misconception about the word PURCHASE on the coupon itself. 

Breakdown of the Coupon: Part One

 Sometimes the wording on coupons can be confusing

“Limit One Coupon per Purchase”

Well this means, that you can have one coupon per item that you have to buy. Each individual item is considered a purchase. This is hard to understand, that every product that you buy is a purchase.

For example:

 If you were to buy three tubes of toothpaste…

 Each tube is considered a purchase and you may use a coupon for each item. That is IF the store lets you use multiple coupons at a time. Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use for your entire transaction. This is were it is beneficial to know the coupon policies of the store your frequently shop. 

Can you make more than one Purchase at a time?

Yes, it is fine to buy one or more item at a time. Just think of the inconvieinence it would cause to buy on item a time. The lines would be so very long and completely unbearable. All the items added together make the

 What is a Transaction?

A transaction is all the items (purchases) added together to create one total $ amount.

Types of Coupons:

are forms to fill out, then send in for money back. Read the rebate requirements carefully. Follow the directions and don’t forget to put it in the mail. How many times have you bought a product because of the rebate and forgot to send it in. I believe that the companies count on that, so don’t let the company keep your money send in the rebate and get your money back.

 Mail in Offers- These are great to score free products and even movie tickets, dvd’s, books or other promotional items. Always look on the box and follow the directions carefully.

Home Mailers: There are coupons that are mailed to you. Always sign up for those store Loyalty cards. That is were they get your address. These are very valuable and are often for high dollar or free items. Another way to receive these is to call or e-mail the company directly. I like to call and let them know how much I like the product. They will usually send me some great coupons or even a free product. 

Winetags: are found around the neck of a wine bottle. These are very valuable since some times they are for money off meat or produce. When you are in the grocery store always take a trip down the wine isle. See if you can find anything.

 Catalinas:  When you are checking out at the register there is a small machine with a series of vertical lights. This is called a Catalina machine. Make sure if something prints from this machine you take it. This is a valuable source of money saving coupons and money off of your next shopping visit. I have seen too many people leave these behind because they do not know how valuable they are.

 Inserts:  These are what are found in the Sunday Paper. 

Smart Source – SS

Red Plum – RP

Procter and Gamble – P&G

General Mills – GM

 Tearpads:  are found on the shelf by the product or on a display in the isle.  These also can be found on the cooler doors of the refrigerated beverages in convenience store.

 Peelies:  These are coupons that are stuck directly to the product.  They are usually for money off of that purchase or try me free mail in offers.   Always look for products with these added saving attached to the product. 

Please let me know if other items should be listed or if this information has helped you in any way at all!