How to Make Homemade Cleaners!

Frugal Cleaning Options

There is no reason to head to the store to buy lots of new cleaning products. You probably already have these handy items in your house. So, save yourself some money and give the homemade cleaners a try.
Scrubbing Powder – Ajax type cleaner
In a bowl, mix
1 cup Borax
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Salt
Use for cleaning the toilet, sinks, counters, tubs and showers
Floor Cleaner
In a bucket, Mix 3 drops Dishwashing Detergent with
1 cup White Vinegar
1 cup Alcohol
1 cup Water
Clean floors the rinse with water
Or another option for sparkling floors
In a bucket of water, mix ½ cup Baking Soda and clean away all the dirt on your floors
Oven Cleaner
Sprinkle Baking Soda in the oven
Spray with water
Let set over night
Scrub then rinse the oven clean
Clean the Shower Curtain
Place Baking Soda on a damp sponge
Scrub the hard water stains on the shower curtain and rinse clean
Deodorize Carpets
No need to buy expensive carpet deodorizers when you have Baking Soda in the house.
Just sprinkle Baking Soda on your carpets, let set for a few minutes or over night for hefty deodorizing and vacuum.
All purpose Counter Top Cleaner
Clean all your counter tops with a spritz of Vinegar on a damp cloth.
Clean and Deodorize the Garbage Disposal
Place ½ cup of Baking Soda in your garbage disposal
Heat ½ cup of White Vinegar then pour down the disposal
Let sit for 5 minutes then rinse and run the garbage disposal
Clean the Microwave
Place ½ cup Vinegar and ½ cup Water in a microwave safe bowl.
Heat to boiling in microwave
Leave in the microwave for a few minutes to deodorize and loosen all the dried splatters of food
Then wipe clean with a damp sponge.
Clean and Deodorize the Toilet Bowl
Pour Four Cups of Vinegar in the toilet
Set overnight
Scrub the bowl in the morning
Windows and Mirrors
Use equal parts Vinegar and Water, in a Spray Bottle, to create a powerful streak free cleaner.
½ cup Vinegar
½ cup Water
Written By: Nora Kapche Owner

DIY Flower Arrangement Coffee Mug from Creative Contessa Designs

 photo DIY 8_zpsqtqyzy5f.png


I found these really cute large coffee mugs at the dollar store and wanted to find something creative to do with them.  Since the kids were still in school, I decided to make mini flower arrangements out of each coffee cup and send them to all the teachers.  They can be used for Thank You gifts, Birthday gifts, Get Well gifts , a Random act of Kindness or simply to make someone Smile.


Items needed:

Large Coffee Mugs {spent $1 on each mug)

Wet Foam (used a 40% off coupon at Micheal’s cost $3.24)

Peat Moss (found at dollar store $1)

Large Flower Bouquet with lots of Greenery  ($9.99)


Total Cost to make 10 Mug Flower Arrangements = $24.23

That is Less than $2.50 each!  What a great price for something that looks so pretty and brings so much joy to those who receive the flowers.



Gather Materials
 photo 20170505_093523_zps1nipyltn.jpg

Cut Foam to the size of your mug
 photo 20170505_093826 1_zps9dxl8gtd.jpg

Make sure they fit. Then pour water over the foam to keep fresh flowers moist. If you have dried flowers, be sure to use the dry foam and DO NOT Water.
 photo 20170505_094236_zps4d0d07am.jpg

 photo 20170505_093714_zps46qyct5g.jpg

Cut Fresh flowers under running water to the size desired. Place in foam.
 photo 20170505_094840_zpsy7euxnei.jpg

Start with the largest or Focal Point Flower first then make sure to use fillers to complete your look.
 photo 20170505_095304_zpsgczqbcub.jpg

 photo 20170505_095201 1_zpsoj0ea9ya.jpg

Use PEAT Moss to finish. Place a small amount around the outside of the coffee mug.
 photo 20170505_101759_zpskb6em6na.jpg
 photo 20170505_102359 1_zpsekrzcxcn.jpg

Finished Products:
 photo 20170505_095201 1_zpsoj0ea9ya.jpg  photo 20170505_101455 1_zpskrwiuabw.jpg  photo 20170505_101432_zps0ie3mq5s.jpg
 photo 20170505_101524_zpsw3mrztkw.jpg

See, it really was not hard at all.

The gifts are ready for giving.


Menu Planning Tips to Save Money $$$$


How to make dinner time cost effective!

1) Plan your weekly menu on sales from the store or items you already have. I find that having a plan for dinner is much less stressful for me. I am not running around at the last minute wondering what is for dinner. Not to say that never happens, just, it is much less stressful on me.

2) Always stock up at rock bottom prices – especially on easy dinner items that your family loves – (my example is frozen pizza) We also really like to make our own pizzas. The kids really enjoy this fun dinner making activity and that will eat it all, because they helped make dinner.

3) Always have the ingredients for that quick “go to” item for dinner. No matter how good of a planner you are, there are days that things do not go exactly as planned.

4) Short cuts – use pre made items and then add your own special touch

Example – add in a frozen veggie, spices or fresh herbs. This is the funnest part of making dinner around my house. I enjoy making new and exciting dishes.

5) Bottom line – make what your family will eat. There is no point to go through the trouble to buy and prepare food if you family will not touch it.

Most of all, Have fun and enjoy spending time with the family!

Low Cost Menu Options:

(when I say low cost, I mean basically under a $10 to feed a family of 4)

(Two adults, Two children)
These are two options from my stockpile. (My cost to make at that specific time)

Beef Roast (5.24) with frozen vegetable (.95) and rice (.75) =  $6.94 for a family dinner

Penne Pasta (.75) and Meat Sauce (1.00) with fresh salad (bag was .75) Salad Dressing (.50) = $3.00

This post contains a affiliate link. Thant means when you take advantage og this offer, I get paid.

Houston Life KPRC 2 Saving Money with Coupons

Oh, My this was really fun!
Love being on Houston Life and sharing tips with people to save money.

Want to know how to get these deals?
Check them out HERE!

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Preventing Head Lice KPRC 2 Houston TV

This is a segment that we did with KPRC Channel 2 Houston.

The girls really enjoyed taping this segment. It was a blast and great to share this important information.

To make the lice preventing shampoo just Tea Tree Essential Oil. Add 2 drops per ounce of the shampoo, shake and make sure the oil is distributed evenly throughout the shampoo.

To make a lice preventing spray, put 1 cup water in a clean spray bottle, add 10 to 15 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and shake. Spray on hair twice a day (morning and night)

New Coupons to Print!

New Coupons!


New Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent Rates an “A”

How to make Natural Homemade Laundry Detergent

This helps eliminate bringing dangerous chemicals and additives into your home.
My original recipe for laundry detergent contained Borax.  Although it is a naturally occurring mineral, it is also toxic and very controversial.
I set out to find a better alternative and it payed off in a big way.
Not only do I save money by making homemade laundry detergent, I am happy with all the products I am using are safe for my entire family.
I used the database from the Environmental Working Group Healthy Cleaning scale.
This is the NEW Homemade Natural Laundry Detergent
Super Washing Soda – 1 box
Baking Soda – 1 large box
Oxi Clean Baby – 1 container
Castile Bar Soap Fragrance Free – 3 or 4 bars (grated very small or us food processor)
Combine all ingredients and mix well.
Use 1 to 2 tablespoons in each load
Cost Under $20
For Over 300 loads of laundry

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Buy ONE Get One FREE Gerber Water

A Free gallon of water does not come along often!

Hurry and Print NOW!


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Houston Life KPRC 2 Houston Tax Free Weekend Segment

This was a fun segment for Texas Tax Free Weekend on Houston Life KPRC Channel 2 Houston.

Love being around these great people!

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Tax Free Weekend August 11th – 13th Texas Only

Tax FREE Weekend

This years Sales Tax Holiday is August  11th –  13th

This exempts most BACK TO SCHOOL ITEMS.  Such as clothes, shoes, school supplies, backpacks and some calculators/computers priced less than $100 each.   If you buy 4 shirts for $90 each then each shirt would be tax exempt. That would save you

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Hot New Coupons


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How to Start Using Coupons

How to start couponing….

The first key to saving money is to get multiple inserts of the Sunday Paper! The coupons are usually with the magazine section that is wrapped in the funny paper. There are three kinds of inserts: the Redplum, the SmartSource and the once a month and Procter and Gamble

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New Coupons


This post contains an affiliate link. That means when you print a coupon I get a small fee.

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HOT New Summer Coupons!

New Coupons!

5.00 on any TWO (2) Revlon ColorSilk Buttercream™ Haircolor Products 0.50 Any One ARM & HAMMER Vacuum Bag or Filter (Available at Walmart) 1.00 Any TWO (2) Horizon Organic Good & GO! snack trays, any flavor 0.50 any ONE (1) Treasure Cave Cheese Product 0.50 any ONE (1) Frigo Cheese

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Homemade T-Shirt Scarf !Recycle that old T-Shirt!

How to make a Homemade T-Shirt Scarf

This is the Segment that I did for the LiveWell Network Show DEALS.

Gather your t-shirt, scissors and your creativity.

1.  Infinity Scarf ** (See below)

2.  Fringe Scarf Cut the t-shirt under the arms and again at the bottom seam.


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