Coupon Etiquette… Things That Need to be Said

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Coupon Etiquette

1. Be Nice

To the cashiers and to the people in line behind you.

Remember this is the cashier’s job; they are only doing what they have been trained to do. If there is a problem, politely ask to speak to the manager on duty. They are more likely to hear your complaint if you refrain from using questionable language or being too loud.

Most days, I will turn around and tell the person behind me that I have coupons and it may take a few minutes longer for me to check out. Usually this gesture is greatly appreciated and the person is interested in how much money I am going to save. They are always in AWE when the cashier hits total.

2. Only Use the Coupon for the item Intended

If the coupon says purchase any 6.4 oz or larger, then only purchase the 6.4oz or larger product. If a coupon states, must buy two items to receive .55 cents off, then both items must be purchased to get the amount off your grocery bill.

3. Do not CLEAR the shelves of items

Please try not to take every single item off of the shelf. If you have a lot of coupons to use, talk to the Manager and ask to pre order the products. This will also give the manager a heads up to order more stock for the sale. Although, this does lead the way to rainchecks, be considerate of others.

4. Do not use Expired coupons

Occasionally one will slip through, but do not intentionally use expired coupons when you know that the store does not accept them. This can lead to embarrassment at check out.

5. Know the Store policies

It is best to research and know the store policies. This way you are armed with the knowledge that many employees do not know. This will benefit you greatly if you ever have to speak to a manager or customer service representative about a problem.

In my opinion, an educated consumer is the best consumer.

Homemade Cleaners = Saving Money

Frugal Cleaning Options

There is no reason to head to the store to buy lots of new cleaning products. You probably already have these handy items in your house. So, save yourself some money and give the homemade cleaners a try.
Scrubbing Powder – Ajax type cleaner
In a bowl, mix
1 cup Borax
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup Salt
Use for cleaning the toilet, sinks, counters, tubs and showers
Floor Cleaner
In a bucket, Mix 3 drops Dishwashing Detergent with
1 cup White Vinegar
1 cup Alcohol
1 cup Water
Clean floors the rinse with water
Or another option for sparkling floors
In a bucket of water, mix ½ cup Baking Soda and clean away all the dirt on your floors
Oven Cleaner
Sprinkle Baking Soda in the oven
Spray with water
Let set over night
Scrub then rinse the oven clean
Clean the Shower Curtain
Place Baking Soda on a damp sponge
Scrub the hard water stains on the shower curtain and rinse clean
Deodorize Carpets
No need to buy expensive carpet deodorizers when you have Baking Soda in the house.
Just sprinkle Baking Soda on your carpets, let set for a few minutes or over night for hefty deodorizing and vacuum.
All purpose Counter Top Cleaner
Clean all your counter tops with a spritz of Vinegar on a damp cloth.
Clean and Deodorize the Garbage Disposal
Place ½ cup of Baking Soda in your garbage disposal
Heat ½ cup of White Vinegar then pour down the disposal
Let sit for 5 minutes then rinse and run the garbage disposal
Clean the Microwave
Place ½ cup Vinegar and ½ cup Water in a microwave safe bowl.
Heat to boiling in microwave
Leave in the microwave for a few minutes to deodorize and loosen all the dried splatters of food
Then wipe clean with a damp sponge.
Clean and Deodorize the Toilet Bowl
Pour Four Cups of Vinegar in the toilet
Set overnight
Scrub the bowl in the morning
Windows and Mirrors
Use equal parts Vinegar and Water, in a Spray Bottle, to create a powerful streak free cleaner.
½ cup Vinegar
½ cup Water
Written By: Nora Kapche Owner

Couponing 101- Coupon Terms

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Transaction vs. Purchase

This is a problem that many people have when reading a coupon and is a common misconception about the word PURCHASE on the coupon itself.

Breakdown of the Coupon: Part One

Sometimes the wording on coupons can be confusing

“Limit One Coupon per Purchase”

Well this means, that you can have one coupon per item that you have to buy. Each individual item is considered a purchase. This is hard to understand, that every product that you buy is a purchase.

For example:

If you were to buy three tubes of toothpaste…

Each tube is considered a purchase and you may use a coupon for each item. That is IF the store lets you use multiple coupons at a time. Some stores limit the number of coupons you can use for your entire transaction. This is were it is beneficial to know the coupon policies of the store your frequently shop.

Can you make more than one Purchase at a time?

Yes, it is fine to buy one or more item at a time. Just think of the inconvieinence it would cause to buy on item a time. The lines would be so very long and completely unbearable. All the items added together make the

What is a Transaction?

A transaction is all the items (purchases) added together to create one total $ amount.

Types of Coupons:

are forms to fill out, then send in for money back. Read the rebate requirements carefully. Follow the directions and don’t forget to put it in the mail. How many times have you bought a product because of the rebate and forgot to send it in. I believe that the companies count on that, so don’t let the company keep your money send in the rebate and get your money back.

Mail in Offers- These are great to score free products and even movie tickets, dvd’s, books or other promotional items. Always look on the box and follow the directions carefully.

Home Mailers: There are coupons that are mailed to you. Always sign up for those store Loyalty cards. That is were they get your address. These are very valuable and are often for high dollar or free items. Another way to receive these is to call or e-mail the company directly. I like to call and let them know how much I like the product. They will usually send me some great coupons or even a free product.

Winetags: are found around the neck of a wine bottle. These are very valuable since some times they are for money off meat or produce. When you are in the grocery store always take a trip down the wine isle. See if you can find anything.

Catalinas:  When you are checking out at the register there is a small machine with a series of vertical lights. This is called a Catalina machine. Make sure if something prints from this machine you take it. This is a valuable source of money saving coupons and money off of your next shopping visit. I have seen too many people leave these behind because they do not know how valuable they are.

Inserts:  These are what are found in the Sunday Paper.

Smart Source – SS

Red Plum – RP

Procter and Gamble – P&G

General Mills – GM

Tearpads:  are found on the shelf by the product or on a display in the isle.  These also can be found on the cooler doors of the refrigerated beverages in convenience store.

Peelies:  These are coupons that are stuck directly to the product.  They are usually for money off of that purchase or try me free mail in offers.   Always look for products with these added saving attached to the product.

Please let me know if other items should be listed or if this information has helped you in any way at all!

Homemade Laundry Detergent- Really Easy to Make!

Coupon Contessa

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How to MAKE Homemade Laundry Detergent:

This recipe will make you 94 (one tablespoon) loads. (really! I counted them myself!)

If you plan on using Two table spoons per load, then you will get 47 loads from this recipe.

The best part about this! The price!!

Each tablespoon only costs 2 cents! Can you imagine the money we could have saved, IF we started using this laundry detergent years ago? It saddens me to even think about.

For this project you will need these items:

1 Large Bar Laundry Soap – 79 cents (found in the laundry detergent isle)

1 Box 20 Mule Team Borax – $2.99 per box (cost is 75 cents to use ¼ of the box)

1 -Box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda – $2.29 per box (cost is 57 cents to use 1/4 of the box)

Food Processor OR Cheese Grater

Large mixing bowl

Measuring Cup


In the large mixing bowl, measure 3 cups of Super Washing Soda and 3 cups of Borax.

Grate the whole bar of soap into small pieces. This sounds hard, but the soap is very soft and easily grated.

Place into the mixing bowl and mix all ingredients well.

That is it! Now you have some very inexpensive laundry detergent to use.

Cost Breakdown:

Soap – 79 cents

Borax – used 75 cents worth

Super Washing Soda – used 57 cents worth

Total cost to make is $2.11 to make 94 loads (one tablespoon) worth of Laundry Detergent!

That is a little bit over 2 cents per load!!

This is a great activity for the whole family.

The ingredients are easy to find and environmentally friendly. I can find them at my local grocery store, Walmart or Target. (prices vary from store to store) These ingredients can also make many, many more household cleaning items. So buying cleaning supplies will be a thing of the past and you will be saving lots and lots of your money!

Tips on Stockpiling! Interested?

 photo 1pinkbluegirl2.jpg

How to create a stockpile of food and household items


1. Identify the items you would like to stockpile

Examples are toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, laundry detergent, facial tissue, shampoo, conditioner, razors, frozen foods, canned foods


2. How much do you need of each item

Keep at least the minimum amount to have until the next good sale comes around. The stores usually cycle every 12 weeks.


3. Buy at lowest price with coupons

make sure to combine the sale price with a coupon to get the best possible price then keep track of the price that you paid in your pricebook.


4. Organization and storage

Be creative, think outside of the box…like under the bed or the top shelf of the closet


5. Keep your stock rotated

make sure you use the FIFO (first in first out) method


Homemade Granola – Never Buy Store Bought Again!

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Recently our Eight Year old discovered yogurt parfaits.

Yogurt layered with granola and fruit.  Really yummy and quite good for you.

The bags of granola sold in the grocery store can range in price from $3 to $12.  (Really, I am not kidding)

I started reading the labels on every package and found that some had ingredients that I would not have thought to be found in granola.  Then, I started looking at the cost to make my own.

Not surprisingly, I was convinced that making my own would not only control all the ingredients but also save us money.

I could make one large batch of granola for the price of one 8 -10 ounce bag.

List of Ingredients:

6 Cups Old Fashioned Granola (Not Quick Oats)

1 Cup Honey

2 Large Eggs – Use Whites Only

1/2 Cup Melted (then Cooled) Coconut Oil

1 tbsp. Ground Cinnamon

1 1/2  tbsp. Vanilla

1/2 Cup Maple Syrup

1/4 Tsp. Salt

3 Cups Assorted Dried Fruit ( I used raisins, cranberries, apricots, dates and blueberries)

1 1/2 Cup Chopped Nuts (if desired)



Pre Heat Oven to 275*F

In a large bowl combine: Honey, Egg Whites, Coconut Oil, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Maple Syrup and Salt.

Reserve 1/2 cup of mixture in a medium sized bowl

Add 6 Cups Oats into the Honey Mixture and combine well

 photo 8dc11094-efde-4b48-87ec-c67267b359e6_zpsa2ab3757.jpg

Toss in Nuts if Desired

Spread evenly on a rimmed baking sheet ( I use parchment paper)

Bake for 30 minutes at 275 degrees F

In your medium sized bowl, add dried fruit to your reserved mixture

Combine well

 photo 4b336fa3-8f44-4902-9485-42580fb39fe4_zps3903b9f9.jpg

Remove granola from oven and add dried fruit to pan.

Mix carefully, Oats will be Hot.

After Oats and Fruit are combined

Spread mixture out evenly

 photo 1799c4fe-ac2d-4a44-b902-13836c5e330c_zps8ede52e1.jpg

Bake for 40 minutes at 275*F

Let Cool then Enjoy!

 photo 2013-12-29174854_zps3a0cad81.jpg

Keep in an airtight container.

Let me know what you add in your granola and If you like this recipe.

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