11 Ways to Make Money From Home – KPRC Channel 2 Houston TV Segment

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Check out 7 jobs that can make you hundreds in your spare time from KPRC Channel 2 Houston.

Extra money is always welcomed around my house, here are just a few ways to earn some extra cash.

  1. Become an Uber Driver – Uber is a smartphone app that makes it simple to make extra money by driving clients around town. All you will need is a smart phone, car and extra time. There are requirements and a background check, but overall this is a great way to make a few extra bucks. Pricing is set before you take the job, so you know exactly what you will get paid. You can choose the jobs you want to take when you have time.
  2. Amazon Flex – Hopefully coming to the Houston Area soon! This is a delivery service from Amazon Prime to deliver the “Now Packages”.   All you need is a reliable car, clean drivers license and you could be on your way to making $18-$25 in your spare time delivering packages. A background check and other details are required.
  3. Amazon Mechanical Turk – A freelancing site with a wide variety of different projects. “Hits” are offered, usually very low, so you will need volume. This won’t get you rich, but hang in there, and you can make extra money in your spare time.
  4. Fivver offers online odd jobs from designing logos, translating, and proof reading to singing songs. The possibilities are endless. Prices start at $5 per service and go up from there.
  5. Answer Surveys – There are a lot of companies online that will pay you for your opinion. These are just a few survey sites that are free to join and free to use. (Watch out for those sites that ask you to pay to join.) Free Paid Surveys, American Consumer Opinion, Nielson Digital Voice, Pro Opinion, Pinecone Research, Harris Poll Online, Inbox Dollars http://www.inboxdollars.com/?r=ref22000870   (my affiliate link)
  6. House Sit/Pet Sit – The Holidays are often accompanied by lots of travel. Take out an ad in your local publication to advertise your house sitting or pet sitting services. Or better yet, advertise to your friends and family through social media. This will give them peace of mind that they know who will be watching their house or the family pet. That equals a win/win situation! Extra money for you and peace of mind for them.`
  7. Party Planner – If you love to plan and organize parties what better service to offer. Help plan the perfect Office, Holiday, Birthday, Family Reunion ever.
  8. Mystery Shopper – This is a great way to try new restaurants, visit different stores and get free products. While they usually do not pay a lot, you will get free food and products for your reviews. This is perfect if you like trying new things.
  9. Clean Homes – Everyone needs a little extra time during the Holidays. Cleaning homes is a great way to make extra money. (You may need to be bonded/have insurance for this if you are cleaning other than family or friends residences.)
  10. Sell Items – Ebay, Craigs List, Etsy, Resale Shops, Garage Sales these are all possibilities. Clothing, house wares, books, toys, furniture, tools, arts and crafts and gift cards are options.
  11. Consultant- If you are great at organization and can help others organize their pantry, closet, or life, get the word out and start organizing the world.


Advice about earning extra income from home:

Watch out for scams online. Never pay money to join an organization for a job.  Be safe, if it is too good to be true, than it probably is.  If exchanging goods use police parking lots that have been set up as safe havens.

Coupon Organization Options – What works for You?

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Organizing your coupons  By Coupon Contessa – Nora Kapche

Hopefully, you have been saving those Sunday Coupon inserts!
Now, What do we do with them? We need to be able to find the coupons for the items we are buying at the grocery store.  need.  Here are a few different ways to organize your coupons. I want to give
several ways, so that you can choose what works best for you.

  1. Expandable file folder: This is a great way to just drop the whole Sunday
    insert into the file and keep for a later date. I file these by the Sunday date
    they were delivered. This method is used for storing the coupons until it is
    time to cut and use.
  2. Pocket size expandable file: These are designed for coupons and are labeled
    inside by categories such as: Beverages, Canned Foods, Cereals, Cleaning, Dairy,
    Meats, Health & Beauty, Baking Products, Paper Goods, Baby Products,
    Rice/Pasta, Condiments, Snacks, Pet Food and Miscellaneous. This is small enough
    to put into your purse for your shopping trip. Coupons must be cut and placed
    into each section.
  3. Binder Method: In a three ring binder, I have place Baseball card inserts to
    hold coupons and put them into categories as mentioned above. This way all of
    the coupons can be seen and I can bring my whole binder with me on a shopping
  4. The Envelope Method: Take only the coupons that you need for your shopping
    trip. Place them into an envelope and head to the store. You have planned out
    your trip and every purchase. This works very well to make sure that you stick
    to only buying the products on your grocery list.
  5. The Couponizer is a new product that combines several of these ideas all in
    one. It is a small binder with all the categories well organized. It also some
    very helpful tips to keep track of your receipts and coupons that you have. My
    favorite feature of this product is the CoupStacker which is a pre-sorting mat
    to use when clipping coupons.

 photo CouponContessa_Couponizer2_zpswxjstcd1.png
If you are interested in buying a Couponizer for $10.oo US, I have some in my garage.  They are not printed anymore and are Last Run packages, so they may have an extra missing like the scissors or a small pamphlet.  I will try to make sure that everything is included if you would like for me to open the package and check for you.  Just request that be done and no problem at all!


Please email CouponContessa@yahoo.com


FREE The Paleo Secret Cookbook

This is a free downloadable Paleo Cookbook!  I really like some of the ideas in this book and thought I would share since it is free!


*This post has a referral link.

Under the Sink Organization Idea!

What a great way to organize that dreaded cabinet under the sink.

Plus this way you can fit more stuff!

Reality or Nightmare?

 photo 7367e8b7-c305-418f-96c7-240cba6dd499_zpsxxhhrlep.jpg

That is the question I was asking myself late last night.

While sleeping in bed, I was startled by my Dear Husband (DH) standing in the doorway.

His dark silhouette was in the middle of all the light, flooding into the dark bedroom. The spoke softly and said, “Honey, I think I hurt myself.”
Then he was gone! It took me a half of a second to realize that I was awake and this was not a bad dream.
My DH was at the kitchen sink washing the wound. The whole sink was red with blood, not to mention the trail of blood from the bedroom to the kitchen.

Apparently, he had gone out to work in the garage. While using a power tool, (there are too many to name and If I try to distinguish between them, I will get it wrong) he sliced his thumb almost in half.
There were several deep cuts, but we were able to get the bleeding stopped relatively quickly. Once the bleeding was under control, we decided that he probably would not need stitches (really, he did not want to go to the ER to get them).

He took some pain reliever and sat down in the recliner. He assured me that he was alright, so I went back to bed. I was still awake about an hour later and my DH still had not come to bed.


Get this! He had gone back into the garage and finished his project!!


Now, IF I could only find a way to make his Hands as HARD as his HEAD …
We will not have this problem again! (but, I know that is only wishful thinking)

Tips on Stockpiling! Interested?

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How to create a stockpile of food and household items


1. Identify the items you would like to stockpile

Examples are toothpaste, toilet paper, paper towels, deodorant, laundry detergent, facial tissue, shampoo, conditioner, razors, frozen foods, canned foods


2. How much do you need of each item

Keep at least the minimum amount to have until the next good sale comes around. The stores usually cycle every 12 weeks.


3. Buy at lowest price with coupons

make sure to combine the sale price with a coupon to get the best possible price then keep track of the price that you paid in your pricebook.


4. Organization and storage

Be creative, think outside of the box…like under the bed or the top shelf of the closet


5. Keep your stock rotated

make sure you use the FIFO (first in first out) method


Prayers to Orlando

Our Thoughts and Prayers are with all family, friends and co-workers of the victims in this terrible tragedy.

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My Chef Fabio Viani Celebrity Interview From 2012!

Celebrity Interview’s are always really fun.  This one was awesome and I really learned a lot.  No promises on the links and offers, since this was back in 2012!

I had the great pleasure of meeting the TOP CHEF Fabio Vivani at a local area HEB for a quick interview and cooking demonstration.


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Homemade Scrubbing Powder

For this project you will need these items:

1 Cup 20 Mule Team Borax – $2.99 per box (cost is 25 cents to use 1 cup out of the box) 1 Cup Baking Soda – 66 cents per box (cost is 33 cents to use 1 cup out of box) 1 Cup Salt –

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Homemade Granola – Never Buy Store Bought Again!

Recently our Eight Year old discovered yogurt parfaits.

Yogurt layered with granola and fruit.  Really yummy and quite good for you.

The bags of granola sold in the grocery store can range in price from $3 to $12.  (Really, I am not kidding)

I started reading the labels on every package and found that

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My Shopping Trip + Challenge for You!


My Shopping Trip + Challenge for You!

I went to Kroger to buy a few things.

Basically, I needed boneless skinless chicken breasts that were on sale for $1.88 per pound.

I shopped around the store and came up to the chicken breast on sale. In front of the display was this elderly

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Make Your Own Shampoo & Deodorant – Save $

This is the write up that went long with the video from the Live Well Network – Deals Show!

Using expensive beauty products can be like washing money down the drain.

Nora Kapche, the Coupon Contessa, stretches her dollar by making her own shampoo, condition and deodorant. “It’s not hard at all, it only

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9 Things to ReUse Instead of Throwing Away!

Don’t Toss It | Deals | The Live Well Network LIVEWELLNETWORK.COM See the TV segment from the LiveWell Network Show DEALS. These are 9 ways to re-use items that you would otherwise throw away. Junk Mail Envelope Organizational Tips for the Pantry Butter Wrappers Produce Bags Bag Clips Citrus Peels Plastic Bottle Caps Toilet

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HOT! High Value Tampax Pearl Coupon

Allergy Relief Coupons

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